And the season ends

Dexter is involved in 106 wins. That’s pretty doggone good. We’d like more, there’s no question. This team got beat three or four times this year by good people by big margins. Just kept coming back.

"We have a chance to be a sensational basketball team again, but that’s not going to help me get through the spring."

On the milestone win

Number 700 means I’ve been coaching a long time, had really, really good players. … The 700, that’s neat. …  I’ve had great youngsters who have bought into what we’re trying to do and what we’re trying to say, and they’ve made it all look really, really good.”

On PJ, Marcus and James Michael after the win over Villanova

These three guys up here with me played their tails off and it was fun to watch.”

On UNC’s seeding

"The bottom line is it is what it is and we have to go play. All that other junk doesn’t make any difference. All their reasons doesn’t make one frickin’ bit of difference."

On Jim Larranaga

When he was an assistant, I was a calendar salesman at that time. They let me come and sit on the bench and practice every day, but I was a doggone calendar salesman. I don’t think anybody went the same path I did. You have to congratulate him.”

On the adjusted lineup

"That lineup has been better for us, so we’ll stick with that right now. But Ol’ Roy is not going to be small for the rest of his coaching career, I tell you.”

On the ACC Tournament

When we’ve been No. 1, I’ve wanted to win the dadgum thing. I still want to win the dadgum thing.”

On starting seniors on Senior Night

I’d do it 9,000 times out of 9,000. Carolina Basketball is more important than the first two minutes of a game. … Till the day they fire me or the day they put me in the grave I’m going to start those seniors on Senior Day. And the record is pretty good.”

On fans who stayed till the end on Senior Night

 ”It’s not easy to sit there after somebody kicks your rear end like that.”

On winning six in a row

I don’t know how to make my team peak and neither does anyone else. … If I knew how to make my team peak then so would they. Everybody would be peaking and how they crap would you know who’s peaking. … I tell my team all the time, if you bust your tail every day you’re going to get better as we go along.”